The new beginning. Returning to the past or building the future.

Three chapters, three languages

Hello, I'm Edmond. This memoir contains some of the work I've done throughout my life. In order to invite my fellow citizens as well as anyone who has an interest in Guatemala, to read it in its entirety, I've made it available as an audiobook and three chapters are free in Spanish, English and French.
El nuevo comienzo, Volver al pasado o construir el futuro

Tres capítulos, tres idiomas

Hola, soy Edmond. Presento en este libro de memorias algo del trabajo que he hecho en mi vida. Para invitarlos a leerlo completo, conciudadanos y personas interesadas en Guatemala, pongo a su disposición el audiolibro y tres capítulos gratuitos, en tres idiomas: español, inglés y francés.
Le nouveau commencement. Revenir au passé ou construire le futur.

Trois chapitres, trois langues

Bonjour, je m’appelle Edmond. Je présente dans ce mémoire une partie des travaux que j’ai accompli dans ma vie. Pour vous inviter à le lire intégralement, citoyens et personnes intéressées par le Guatemala, je mets à votre disposition le livre audio et trois chapitres gratuits, en trois langues : espagnol, anglais et français.
Diapositiva anterior
Diapositiva siguiente

My first contact with the war in Guatemala was when I was 12 years old, back in 1963. I was very impressed that three policemen were shot down in the street. It was a guerrilla group that, in fact, came out claiming responsibility for the murder of these law enforcement…

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I despise authoritarianism and what it entails: the insult to intelligence, abuse, arrogance, unilateralism. The arrogant, the screamers, those who think they are superior beings, deserve my disdain…

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Chemical weapons are so brutal, so terrible, that they were banned after the First World War (1914-1918) and were not used in the Second (1939-1945). They are weapons that kill women, children, non-combatants, in the cruelest way possible. In the civil war in Syria, which has been going on for more than a decade, chemical weapons began to be used…

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about the author


He is a universal Guatemalan who loves his country. This year he celebrates four decades of marriage to his wife, Karen. They have two sons, Daniel and David, and he has just received the gift of his first grandchild.

He is a reserve second lieutenant graduated from the Adolfo V. Hall Central Institute and a lawyer from the Mariano Gálvez University. He worked for a time as a journalist and was also an entrepreneur, but he decided to serve from politics to contribute to changing Guatemala and the world.

He became a diplomat, but not one of the desktop ones, but one of action. He has gone from investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria to directing the UN Pacification Mission in Haiti, where he managed to reduce kidnappings from 400 per month to just two. His performance was so successful that he was promoted to head of all the UN Peacekeeping Missions in the world and later to Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations.

As a politician, he reached the Presidency of Congress in 1992, and managed to pass laws such as bonus 14, and denounced the first narco deputy. He became Guatemala’s ambassador to the United States and from his position opposed Jorge Serrano’s coup d’état and worked alongside the democratic resistance to prevent it from turning the country into a dictatorship. He returned to Guatemala to serve again. In 2019 he ran as a presidential candidate and came in third place.

He is God-fearing and, thanks to his wife’s teachings, a botanist.

Edmond Mulet. All rights reserved.